A Samanyr...

You follow Cloud into a small and *hot* clearing with a bubbling hotspring in the middle. She looks stares at it for a long time, well you sweat.
*Um... Cloud? Are you okay?* you grin. She snaps out of it.
~Oh, sorry! I just bonded a Samanyr! If you don't know what they are, well, stick around or go see the Song Of the Rainbow Hotsprings.~ she grins. She seems to be waiting for someone.

You see a small mare approach.

~Roan!~ Cloud cries. She hugs the mare. The mare makes a face and laughs. Cloud grins.
'I am Floweyr of The Yroan Soil, or Yroansoil~Floweyr.'
You grin at her accent.
Cloud talks with her for a little bit, but you can't understand. You're not sure if it's language or what, but you stand around, sweating your head off. Cloud notices. ~See ya later Roan! Wouldn't want our visitor to shrivel up and die, now would we?~ they giggle.

*Ha ha.* you grimace, then start following Cloud out. *Bye Roan! Nice meeting you!* you glance at the statistics sheet before slipping away into the fresh air.

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Full Name Flower Of The Roan Soil
Call Name Roansoil~Flower
Age Adult
Gender Female
Parentage Unknown
Mate Looking!
Offspring I *wish*...
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